Divorcing Jack

Directed by David Caffrey, Written by Colin Bateman, Produced by Robert Cooper

This black comedy is set around the life of Northern Irish reporter Dan Starkey, a married drunk, who gets entangled in a web of political intrigue and Irish sectarian violence, at the same time as Northern Ireland is set to elect a new Prime Minister. Starkey soon gets out of his depth when he becomes involved in a politically motivated murder. He hooks up with the ex-girlfriend of a vicious local criminal. He gets booted out of home for his infidelity, has a murderer on his tail, and must try to write the story of his life in order to save his journalism job. Along the way, he gets help from a stripper dressed as a nun and goes undercover dressed as Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Divorcing Jack by Colin Bateman (Harper Collins) ISBN-10: 0006479030 ISBN-13: 978-0006479031

The novel was awarded the 1994 Betty Trask Prize by the Society of Authors, for the best debut by a writer under the age of 35. Bateman adapted his own book as the screenplay. Filming Locations: Bangor, County Down; Belfast; Donaghadee, County Down; Pomeroy, County Tyrone (‘Crossmahart’ village)

Several writers have responded to the troubles with farce and comedy.

Courtesy Nik Powell, Executive Director, Scala Films

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Black Comedy - Theatrical


Scala (Divorcing Jack) Ltd, in association with IMA Films and Le Studio Canal+ (presented by Scala Productions, BBC Films, Winchester Films in association with Arts Council of England, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, supported by BBC Northern Ireland and partly funded by Foundry Film Partners, supported by the National Lottery and produced with the assistance of Northern Ireland Screen, with the participation of Canal+

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Period Set




Colin Bateman


David Caffrey


Robert Cooper


David Thewlis - Dan Starkey

Rachel Griffiths - Lee Cooper

Jason Isaacs - Cow Pat Keegan

Laura Fraser - Margaret

Richard Gant - Charles Parker

Laine Megaw - Patricia Starkey

Bronagh Gallagher - Taxi Driver

Kitty Aldridge - Agnes Brinn

Robert Lindsay - Michael Brinn

Adam Black - Young Starkey

Simon Magill - Starkey’s Brother

George Shane - Woods

Alan McKee - Mouse

Brian Devlin - Dans’ work mate

Sean Caffrey - Joe