In the Name of the Father

Directed by Jim Sheridan, Written by Terry George and Jim Sheridan, Produced by Jim Sheridan

‘In the Name of the Father’ is based on the true story of the Guildford Four, four people falsely convicted of the IRA’s Guildford pub bombing which killed four off-duty British soldiers and a civilian. A small time thief from Belfast, Gerry Conlon, is falsely implicated in the IRA bombing of a pub that kills several people while he is in London. Bullied by the British police, he and four of his friends are coerced into confessing their guilt. Gerry’s father and other relatives in London are also implicated in the crime. He spends 15 years in prison with his father trying to prove his innocence with the help of a British attorney, Gareth Peirce.

The screenplay was adapted by Terry George and Jim Sheridan from Gerry Conlon’s autobiography: ‘Proved Innocent’ by Gerry Conlon (Penguin Books) ISBN-10: 0140143920 ISBN-13: 978-0140143928 133 min, colour, cert 15

In the Name of the Father was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Actor in a Leading Role (Daniel Day-Lewis), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Pete Postlethwaite), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Emma Thompson), Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium. However, the film won none of these awards.

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Drama - Theatrical


Universal Pictures

Release Year


Period Set




Terry George, Jim Sheridan (original autobiography by Gerry Conlon)


Jim Sheridan


Jim Sheridan


Daniel Day-Lewis - Gerry Conlon

Emma Thompson - Gareth Peirce

Pete Postlethwaite - Giuseppe Conlon

Anthony Brophy - Danny

Frankie McCafferty - Tommo

Mark Sheppard - Paddy Armstrong

Jo Connor - Bin Lady

Seamus Moran - IRA Men

Billy Byrne - IRA Men

Philip King - Guildford Soldier

Denys Hawthorne - Appeal Judge

Tom Wilkinson - Appeal Prosecutor

Joanna Irvine - Ann Conlon

Fiona Daly - IRA Woman

Catherine Dunne - Woman on Balcony

Anna Meegan - Granny Conlon

Marie Jones - Sarah Conlon

Leah McCullagh - Bridie Conlon

John Lynch - Paul Hill

Beatie Edney - Carole Richardson

Saffron Burrows - Girl in Commune

Jamie Harris - Deptford Jim

Britta Smith - Annie Maguire

Don Baker - Joe McAndrew

Barbara Mulcahy - Marian

Joe McPartland - Charlie Burke

Stanley Townsend - Hooker’s Driver

Corin Redgrave - Robert Dixon

Gerard McSorley - Detective Pavis

Ronan Wilmot - Paddy Maguire