The Boxer

Directed by Jim Sheridan and Arthur Lappin, Written by Jim Sheridan, Terry George and Arthur Lappin, Produced by Jim Sheridan and Arthur Lappin

Daniel Day-Lewis (who worked with Jim Sheridan on ‘In the Name of the Father’ (1993)), plays an ex-IRA volunteer called Danny Flynn. Fresh from a 14-year sentence in prison, he attempts to open a non-sectarian boxing club in his neighbourhood. He reconnects with an old flame (Emily Watson), now married to his best friend, who is still in prison for his IRA links. The seemingly inescapable Troubles continue to threaten his hopes for a better life.

Although it is set in Belfast, ‘The Boxer’ was almost exclusively shot in the docklands and Sheriff Street area of Dublin’s North Inner City. The flat complex used in the film was earmarked for demolition but this was postponed until filming was completed. Since then the entire area has been redeveloped. Daniel Day-Lewis was said to have boxed and trained for a number of years for his role as Danny Flynn.

The Boxer, like many other works of film and literature, asks if it was possible for someone to live a normal life, governed by personal concerns, against the back drop of a violent conflict and its claims on the loyalty of ordinary people.

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Drama - Theatrical


Hell’s Kitchen, Universal Studios, with the assistance of bord scannan na heireann

Release Year


Period Set




Jim Sheridan, Terry George, Arthur Lappin


Jim Sheridan, Arthur Lappin


Jim Sheridan, Arthur Lappin


Daniel Day-Lewis - Danny Flynn

Lorraine Pilkington - Bride

Niall Shanahan - Groom

John Wall - Priest

Maria McDermottroe - Betty

David McBlain - Sean

Emily Watson - Maggie

Sandra Corbally - Cake Decorator

Eleanor Methven - Patsy

Gerard McSorley - Harry

Tess Sheridan - Pianist

Brian Cox - Joe Hamill

David Hayman - Joe Hamill’s Aide

Paul Sheridan - IRA Man

John Sheridan - IRA Man

Pat Mulryan - IRA Man

Peter O’Donoghue - IRA Man

Joseph Rea - Agnes’ Son

Joan Sheehy - Agnes

Peter Sheridan - Peter Mallon

Ken Stott - Ike Weir

Kenneth Cranham - Matt MaGuire

Philip Sutcliffe - Boxer On Pads

Britta Smith - Mrs. Boots

Gavin Kennedy - Bootsy

Liam Carney - Mr. Walsh

Veronica Duffy - Mrs. Walsh

Des Braiden - Mr. Orr

Joan Brosnan Walsh - Mrs. Orr

Sean Donaghy - Mickey

Brian Milligan - Ned

Mick Tohill - Billy Patterson

Ian McElhinney - Reggie Bell

Conor Bradford - TV Announcer