Another Day

© By Eamon McElholm

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‘Another Day’ was inspired by the lives of Bobby Sands and the nine other men who went on hunger strike in 1981 in Long Kesh prison, to secure basic human rights for political prisoners. Among their demands - the right not to wear prison uniforms, the right to organise their own educational and recreational facilities and the right to one weekly visit, letter and parcel. Bobby Sand wrote a collection of poignant short stories and poems whilst in LonKesh and I wrote the song sometime after reading these. The writings had been smuggled out on tiny scraps of paper with minute writing. These men starved to death for their beliefs and to emphasise recognition of political prisoner status.

‘Another Day’ is sung by Eamin McElholm, from the Album ‘Letting Go’ by Stockton’s Wing, courtesy of Tara Music company Ltd

The death of Bobby Sands whilst on hunger strike in HMP Maze was to prove a pivotal moment for the Republican movement – the ranks of the IRA swelled with new recruits in response to Margaret Thatcher’s refusal to acknowledge the status of political prisoner . Her indifference towards their deaths received widespread international condemnation, particularly because Bobby Sands was an elected MP within her own parliament. It was a bleak time in the history of Northern Ireland, and saw Sinn Féin rise as a major political force.

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