Was it something I said?

© By Jez Lowe

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This song illustrates the impact of paramilitary violence on innocent civilians.

Copyright courtesy Jez Lowe/ Lowelife Music

Paramilitary violence was commonplace in the Troubles. Civilians lived in a state of apprehension and fear of where and when the next bomb would go off. This apprehension soon moved to England where republican paramilitaries began to target military personnel, the Conservative government and public spaces in the main towns and cities.

Congratulations Mr Bomber, well done on your success,
You’ve certainly made a point, and you’ve surely made a mess,
I’m sorry if I sound upset, but better that than dead,
But why are you picking on me, was it something that I said?

Was it something that I said, did I step on someone’s toes,
Did I open my mouth and manage to put my foot up someone’s nose,
If you think that I don’t like you, then believe me you’re misled,
But I cannot help but ask you, was it something that I said?

First you bombed my local pub, and I lost a pint of stout,
I bet its head was settling when the windows were blown out,
Then you chose me work to leave the bag of tricks we’ve come to dread,
Are you doing this on purpose, was it something that I said?

Next you chose me mammy’s and left her deaf as Johnny Ray,
Then you found where I live and you’ve blown it all away,
Me books, me Beatles records, me clothes all torn to shreds,
They’re just dust across the Lagan, was it something that I said?

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