Artists worked across a range of artforms when responding to the Troubles

Visual Art

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Purple Shoe, Orange Arm By Paddy McCann

The Sound By Paddy McCann

Black and White Oil Drum By Marie-Thérèse Davis

‘Trapped’: Concrete Bollard with Barbed Wire By Marie-Thérèse Davis

‘Trapped’: Sitting on the Fence (Black & Blue) By Marie-Thérèse Davis

‘Trapped’: Sitting on the Fence (Red and Green) By Marie-Thérèse Davis

Waiting in Silence for the Knock on the Door By Marie-Thérèse Davis

Under the Shadow of the Cavehill, the danger approaches… By Marie-Thérèse Davis

Big Brother is Watching You (Waiting in Silence Series) By Marie-Thérèse Davis

Studio Window By Paddy McCann

Badge By Paddy McCann

Plough Handle By Paddy McCann

Skylight By Paddy McCann

Keep I By Paddy McCann

A Shade of Green, an Orange Edge Exhibition

By Conrad Atkinson

New Northern Ireland Wallpaper

By Conrad Atkinson

Silver Liberties: A Souvenir of a Wonderful Anniversary Year

By Conrad Atkinson


By Robert Ballagh


By Robert Ballagh

Slán Abhaile

By Robert Ballagh

Third of May, After Goya

By Robert Ballagh

Border Letters

By Marie Barrett


By Marie Barrett

Dance State

By Marie Barrett

History Repeating Itself

By Marie Barrett

Suitcases in the Foyle

By Marie Barrett

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