Bloody Sunday

© By Michael Farrell

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During 1997/98, Farrell produced the Bloody Sunday series. Reminiscent of Pressé Politique in terms of topic but not style. The series depicted the gruesome scenes of the carnage in Derry. Images of individuals killed and wounded were depicted in black and white or in sombre colours.

The works relate to the killing of thirteen unarmed civilians in Derry in January 1972 by British paratroopers. The inquiry into the killings at the time by the then Lord Chief Justice of England, Lord Widgery, was widely regarded as a whitewash. In April 1998 the British government announced the establishment of a new enquiry into the killings to be chaired by Lord Saville, an English Law Lord. This announcement prompted Farrell to revisit the carnage in Derry in the Bloody Sunday series.

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Mixed media on canvas


210 x 108cm




Private Collection