Omagh Bomb Memorial

© By Sean Hillen

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Major public artwork consisting of massive glass pillar on the bombsite which carries inside a large cut-glass heart made by Tyrone Crystal.

The brief demanded the artwork link the bombsite to the Memorial Garden 300yds. away around a corner. The work achieves this by a sun-tracking mirror system in the garden that collects sunlight, bounces it off 31 small pole mounted mirrors, to correspond with the number of deaths, and sends this light up and round the corner into the pillar to light up the heart brightly.

Omagh receives the least sunlight of anywhere in Ireland , so this is part of the poetry of the thing-that the days may be dark but we know the sun, with its life-giving force will shine again.

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This was a memorial to an appalling atrocity, developed at a time at which the wider debate on remembrance was vivid and contentious.

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Omagh town centre, open to the public.