© By Ursula Burke

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Whilst in Rome I spent quite some time looking at various Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque paintings from countless masters. I also visited many churches around the city and in the Vatican area where I documented the incredible frescos and Trompe-l’œil, with the amazing array of colours and various palettes. From this research I have developed a range of particular gothic, renaissance and baroque colour palettes that I embed in the porcelain sculpture using colour pigments which stain the porcelain. In my sculpture Rioter, I used a palette drawn from a ceiling fresco by Andrea Pozzo in the Sant’Ignazio Church, Rome.

Historical images of the protagonist or paramilitary during the conflict are littered with images of individuals wearing Balaclavas and brandishing guns. This piece however makes reference to a contemporary version of a protagonist which I witnessed often during the Flag Protest, which invariably involved young men and women, wearing hoodies and covering their faces with scarves whilst rioting.

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Parian Porcelain, Lace, Cotton and Stain


35cm x 33cm x 20cm