Suitcases in the Foyle

© By Marie Barrett

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A site-specific collaborative project with cross-community youth groups that examined the issue of contemporary emigration from Derry.

At that time, there was high level of emigration amongst young people. As well as economic conditions, political unrest was a factor in their decision to emigrate. The project took the form of fourteen suitcases that were moored on the River Foyle. Printed on the suitcases were the names of young people who had recently emigrated.

The sculptural form of the suitcases and the names were realised in a series of collaborative workshops between the young people and members of the local community. During the event, the suitcases floated on the river beside the railway station, which for many emigrants was the first place of departure on the journey to London via Belfast International Airport. The following year the work was a feature of the Irish Arts Festival, which brought the suitcases to a site near the Thames River, London.

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Mixed - Media


5ft x 7 ft (suitcases)




Temporary site specific