Woman With Peace line and Cavehill

© By Catherine Mc Williams

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Catherine McWilliams shows the violation of nature through the juxtaposition of the beautiful Cavehill and the peaceline.

It highlights the constant presence of armed forces through the presence of a peaceline. The figure in contrast with the background is entwined with vibrant colours representing hope.

The peace line was established in 1969 as a temporary device for keeping Catholic and Protestant militants apart. It evolved over the years in height, durability and length.

“In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman created, a beautiful temptress who is given a box but is forbidden to open it. Feminine curiosity compels her to disobey the gods and she lets loose all sorts of evils. Only hope is trapped inside when she finally closes the box. Hope has become Catherine McWilliams new theme. In ‘Woman with Peace Line’ the constant presence of armed forces is seen not only in the camouflaged image of cave Hill but in the existence of the peace line itself. The figure is woven with hopeful colours, which break away into the background.”
Anne Davey Orr, Fortnight Magazine, 27th May 1985

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Mixed Media On Card


30" x 23"