Amanda Dunsmore

Visual Art

The artworks of Amanda Dunsmore are contextual portraits depicting her interest in issues of social change and actions of active preservation.

Her art practice includes a series of extensive projects. These projects are long-term and use sculptural material & media such as video, sound, photography and installation. The Keeper Project, is based around a former prison The Maze/Long Kesh, in Northern Ireland. The Plan Project, is the preservation of street signs from Weimar, Germany. These are social historic projects, which explore the psychology surrounding locations of political significance.

Underlying her work is an interest in reconfiguring the boundaries of portraiture. Using her body and site to provide context in the self-portrait performance series: Head in a Hole Woman & in the group portrait actions: Others Have Their Heads.

Amanda’s most recent work David was created during a year-long residency working with Galway’s Older LGBT Community for Galway County Council Public Art Residency Programme. More information on Amanda’s artistic process can be found on her website,

Amanda Dunsmore is based in County Clare, Ireland and is a lecturer in & Course Coordinator at the Limerick School of Art & Design, LIT.