Benedict Kiely


Born in 1919 in Dromore, Co Tyrone and raised in nearby Omagh. After graduating from University College Dublin in 1943 Kiely began his professional career in Dublin working for various journals.

By 1945 he was a full time critic for the Irish Independent and in the same year he published his first non-fiction book “Counties of Contention” about the partition of Ireland. He lectured and taught widely in Ireland and in the US was literary Editor of the Irish Press, wrote regularly for “The New Yorker” and became one of Ireland’s best known broadcasters.

He also published numerous non-fiction works including a biography of William Carleton and two volumes of memoirs, “Drink to the Bird” and “The Waves Behind Us”. He was elected Saoi of Aosdána. He lived in Donnybrook, Dublin.

Benedict Kiely died on 9th February 2007

If you weren’t banned, it meant you were no bloody good.”
Benedict Kiely

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