Gerald Dawe


Gerald Dawe was in Belfast in 1952, educated at Orangefield Boys School, the University of Ulster and the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is Professor of English and Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, as well as being the founder director of the Oscar Wilde Centre for Irish Writing.

As a poet, Gerald Dawe has published a range of collections, including “Early Poems” (2015), “Mickey Finn’s Air” (2014), “Selected Poems” (2012), “Points West” (2008) and also a volume of collected essays “The Proper Word” (2007), a memoir of Belfast “My Mother City” (2008) and “Of War and War’s Alarms: Reflections on Modern Irish Writing (2015).

Gerald Dawe’s poetry appears in numerous anthologies including Wes Davis, An Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry (Harvard University Press 2012), Roberto Bertoni, Poesie Irlandesi deli ultimo decennia (Trauben 2012) and Michael Longley, 20th Century Irish Poems (Faber and Faber 2002).

​Recent poems have been included in Poetry London, Poetry Review, London Review of Books, Poetry Ireland Review and The Irish Times. Gerald Dawe’s poetry has been translated into various languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese and he has translated with Marco Sonzogni, The Night Fountain: Selected Early Poems of Salvatore Quasimodo (Arc Publication 2008). His awards include Arts Council of Ireland Poetry Awards (1980 ; 2005) the Macaulay Fellowship in Literature, a Hawthornden International Writers Fellowship, Ledwig-Rowohlt Writer Fellowship and a Moore Institute Fellowship. Gerald Dawe was elected Fellow of Trinity College Dublin in 2004 and has held visiting professorships in Boston College and Villanova University, Philadelphia. He has given readings and lectures in many parts of the world. An archive of Gerald Dawe’s papers is held at the Burns Library, Boston College.

“I don’t think of my writing as a “career” but as something I do, and have always wanted to do - write poems and write about poetry - since I was a kid in my teens in North Belfast in the sixties. The Troubles short-circuited that desire and led to years of anxious confusion about how fair it was to think more about poetry than about the causes and grievances of political failure in the divided society I grew up in. The shock of what happened stayed with me and the generation to which I belonged for good.”
Gerald Dawe

Selected Publications:
Early Poems, Lagan Press, 2015
Mickey Finn’s Air, Gallery Press, 2014
Selected Poems, Gallery Press, 2012
Points West, Gallery Press, 2008
Sheltering Places: New Edition Belfast, Starling Press, 2008
Lake Geneva, Gallery Press, 2003
The Morning Train Gallery Press 1999
Heart of Hearts Gallery Press 1995
Sheltering Places & Company with images by Noel Connor, Rudyard Press, 1993
Sunday School, Gallery Press, 1991
The Water Table, Ulsterman Publications, 1990
The Lundys Letter, Gallery Press, 1985
Sheltering Places, Blackstaff Press, 1978
Blood and Moon, Lagan Press, 1976
Heritages, Aquila/Wayzgoose Press 1976

Selected Criticism:
Of War & War’s Alarms: Refelctions on Modern Irish Writing, Cork University Press, 2015
The Stoic Man, Lagan Press, 2015
Conversations: Poets and Poetry, Lagan Press, 2011
The World as Province: Selected Prose, Lagan Press, 2009
Catching the Light: Views and Interviews, Salmon Press, 2008
My Mother-City, Lagan Press 2007/ Paperback, 2008
The Proper Word: Ireland, Poetry, Politics: Collected Essays, edited by Nicholas Allen, Creighton University Press, 2007
An Sionnach: Special Issue on Gerald Dawe, edited by David Gardiner 2007
Stray Dogs and Dark Horses : Selected Essays On Irish writing and criticism, Abbey Press, 2000
The Rest is History: a critical memoir, Abbey Press, 1998
Against Piety: essays on Irish poetry, Lagan Press, 1995
False Faces: poetry, politics and place, Lagan Press, 1993
A Real Life Elsewhere, Lagan Press, 1993
How’s the Poetry Going? Literary politics & Ireland today, Lagan Press, 1991

Selected works as editor, co-editor or translator:
High Pop: Stewart Parker’s Irish Times column, Lagan Pres,s 2008
Dramatis Personae: Stewart Parker’s Literary Writings with Maria Johnston and Clare Wallace Literaria Pragensis, 2008
The Night Fountain Selected Early Poems By Salvatore Quasimodo with Marco Sonzogni, Arc Publications, 2008
The Writer Fellow: an anthology with Terence Brown, School of English TCD, 2004
The Ogham Stone an anthology of contemporary Ireland with Michael Mulreany Institute of Public Administration, 2001
Krino: the Review, an anthology of Irish writing, 1986-1996
with Jonathan Williams, Gill & Macmillan, 1996
Ruined Pages: selected poems of Padraic Fiacc with Aodan Mac Poilin, Blackstaff Press, 1994/ 2005
Yeats: the poems, a new selection Anna Livia Press, 1993
The New Younger Irish Poets Blackstaff Press, 1991
The Poets Place: essays on Ulster Literature and Society with John Wilson Foster Institute of Irish Studies, 1991
Across a Roaring Hill: the Protestant Imagination in Modern Ireland with Edna Longley Blackstaff Press, 1985
The Younger Irish Poets Blackstaff Press, 1982