Gerald Seymour


Gerald Seymour was born into a literary home - his father William Kean Seymour, was Chairman of the Poetry Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and his mother, Rosalind Wade, was a prolific novelist and was for many years editor of Contemporary Review. After taking a BA Hons at UC London (Modern History) he joined ITN as a trainee reporter in 1963.

In addition to covering the conflict in Northern Ireland, he reported from Vietnam, Borneo, Israel, the Lebanon and covered hi-jackings and assassinations across the Middle East and Europe (including the Munich Olympic attack).

He left ITN in 1978 to become a full time writer.

I reported for ITN from Northern Ireland between 1969 and 1975, including “Bloody Sunday”. Although I was traveling the world, Northern Ireland was the place I knew best: it was natural I would choose Belfast as the setting for my first attempt to write a novel. It became “Harry’s Game”.


Harry’s Game (1975)

The Glory Boys (1976)

Kingfisher (1977)

Red Fox (1979) aka The Harrison Affair

The Contract (1980)

Archangel (1982)

In Honour Bound (1984)

Field of Blood (1985)

A Song in the Morning (1986) aka Shadow on the Sun

At Close Quarters (1987) aka An Eye for an Eye

Home Run (1989) aka The Running Target

Condition Black (1991)

The Journeyman Tailor (1992)

The Fighting Man (1993)

The Heart of Danger (1995)

Killing Ground (1997)

The Waiting Time (1998) aka Dead Ground

A Line in the Sand (1999)

Holding the Zero (2000)

The Untouchable (2001)

Traitor’s Kiss (2003)

The Unknown Soldier (2004)

Rat Run (2005)

The Walking Dead (2007)

Timebomb (2008)

The Collaborator (2009)

The Dealer and the Dead (2010)

A Deniable Death (2011)

The Outsiders (2012)

The Corporal’s Wife (2013)

Vagabond (2014)