Graham Reid


Graham Reid was born in the Donegall Road area of Belfast in 1945 and left school at 15.

As a mature student, he graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 1977 and taught for three years at Gransha Boys High School, Bangor before receiving bursaries from both Arts Councils North and South allowing him to begin a full- time writing career.

His first stage plays were produced by the Abbey Theatre Dublin. ‘The Billy Trilogy’ on stage and television won the Jacobs Award 1984 and ‘Ties of Blood’ won the Royal Television Award for Best Writer in 1986. Other awards include the Harvey Award for ‘The Hidden Curriculum’ and the Michael Powell Award among others for television play, ‘You, Me and Marley’.

‘Reid presents a sub-textual theoretical analysis of the Troubles within a naturalistic framework, which disguises his belief that the Troubles have created a culture within which there is more animal-like than human violence. Physical and psychological damage pile up in plays, which represent Reid’s thesis that sectarianism may be ‘an umbrella for other social deviances’ (Four Irish Dramatists RTE April 1992).


The Death of Humpty Dumpty 1979 Abbey Theatre, Dublin

The Closed Door 1980 Abbey Theatre

Dorothy 1980 Oscar Theatre, Dublin

The Hidden Curriculum 1982 Abbey Theatre

Callers 1985 Abbey Theatre

Too Late to Talk to Billy 1982 Television

A Matter of Choice for Billy 1983 Television

A Coming to Terms for Billy 1984 Television

Lengthening Shadows 1995 Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Love 1995 West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, UK

Remembrance 1984 Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Ties Of Blood 1985 Television


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