Keike Twisselmann

Performance Art

Keike Twisselmann was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1967. She received a certificate in Visual Education from RTC Galway, Ireland, in 1989; a BA in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in 1992; an MA in Philosophy and English Literature, Leibniz University at Hanover, Germany and an MA in Fire Art from the University of Ulster in 1996. She was a director of Catalyst Arts (Belfast) in 1994 and was elected on to the chair committee of the bbk Berlin (professional artists association) in 2004.

She has been based in Berlin since 200, with a studio at Berlin Schoeneweide since 2006.

On Creation:

The most important point, the nub where creation happens, is the IDEA (gr. “eidos”). This should not be readily confused with a solely rational process, as the “idea” stands beyond the often so wrongly assumed division of a “rational”/” irrational” antagonism. The process of creation is a philosophical act; holy and unholy down to its very core.

On Performance:

Art has the privilege of a certain freedom towards political issues; so-called “non-political” art can be abused the easiest and is therefore sometimes much more dangerous to human comfort than so-called “political” art. All art is political. The only problem lies with our confusion of politics with power. We all perform our roles within our lives, the role of the performance artist is to investigate, reflect and react to them. Performance art is a “spontaneous ritual”.

On Outer Differences:

Versatility and diversity within the products of a continuous conceptual process of work are vital to artistic progress and quality of work; thus, two seemingly different results have the same origin, the same “eidos”.

Keike Twisselmann, Belfast 1996 and Berlin 2015

Exhibitions from A to Z:

Arnhem/ Holland - multimedia festival 1995

Barcelona - public performance, 1991

Belfast- a lot of public performances and exhibitions, 1989-2014

Berlin - more performances, installations and exhibitions, 1992-2014

Burgwedel/ Hannover - some single and group shows, 1997, 2003, 2007

Cardiff/ Wales - multimedia festivals 1995, 1996

Cleveland/ England -drawings, group show 1996

Cork- multimedia exhibition, municipal art gallery, 1996

Cologne - shrine of memories, 2015

Dessau/ Bauhaus - Ostranenie, 1995 wintergarden project, 1996

Drogheda - Flux, group exhibition 1997

Dublin - project arts centre 1994, art house Web 1997, Flux group show 1997,

Fix98 performance festival 1998, art space 1999

Gal way - art festival 1992

Glasgow-film festival 1996, “On the Busses”, performance 1997

Hannover - “Bewusstseinswelten”, ,,lch glaub ich bin im Wald”, single shows 2007

Kassel - Kulturbahnhof, performance 2002

Kiel - social ministry, single show 2004

Leipzig- Haus der Demokratie, single show 2004

L-Derry - performance festival Bel-Esse 2014

New York/ USA-group show, 2007 .

Quebec/ Canada - performance biennale 1996

San Lorenzo al Mare/ Italy - performance 2004

Sheffield/ England - multimedia festival 1996

Transylvania/ Romania -Etna Foundation, “Medium4, Ann Art8” 1998

Werkleitz/ Germany - “Cluster Images”, multimedia festival 1996