Men of No Property

Traditional Music

A group of radical songwriters in Belfast got together (under false names) to record a classic set of albums as ‘The Men Of No Property’, including such classics as ‘The Bogside Man’ (a parody of the shanty ‘The Hogseye Man’), ‘Hughes’s Bakery Van’ and ‘England’s Vietnam’.

The name “The Men of No Property” is taken from a statement made by Wolfe Tone who is considered the father of Irish Republicanism: “If the men of property will not support us, they must fall. Our strength shall come from that great respectable class, the men of no property.” In the long history of the Irish Civil War, this album gathers only a small, yet important sampling of folksongs detailing the hardships and historical events that occurred. Liner notes include information about each song and lyrics.

Members of the group included the singer / songwriter Brian Moore, who was also a political cartoonist (under the pseudonym ‘Cormac’) for Republican News/An Phoblacht