Thomas Kinsella


Born in Dublin in 1928. He attended University College Dublin and entered the Irish Civil Service, before becoming a full-time writer and teacher in the US.

He is the author of over 30 collections of poetry and has translated extensively from Irish, notably the great epic The Tain. He was a director of the Dolmen Press and Cuala Press, Dublin and in 1972 founded Peppercannister Press for the publication of sequences and long and occasional poems.

The editor of the New Oxford Book of Irish Verse and Austin Clarke’s Selected Poems and Collected Poems, Thomas Kinsella is also the author of The Dual Traditional a critical essay on poetry and politics in Ireland. His awards and honours include Guggenheim Fellowships, The Denis Devlin Memorial Award, the Irish University of Turin and the National University of Ireland.

In 2007 Thomas Kinsella was awarded the Freedom of the City of Dublin.

“Ireland’s history, culture and literature - in both languages - have been a major element in my writing career. The Troubles have not been a significant influence, although I have always been acutely aware of their causes. On one occasion - the injustice of the Widgery Tribunal findings in 1972 - I deferred my other writing concerns to write the poem “Butchers Dozen”. The matter was dealt with more fully subsequently in “The Dual Tradition”, a prose essay on poetry and politics in Ireland, published in 1995”
Thomas Kinsella

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