Tim McGarry


Tim McGarry is a writer and Comedian from Belfast. He is best known for writing and performing in the long running BBC series “Give My Head Peace”.

He qualified as a lawyer and worked, alongside fellow writing partner Michael McDowell at the Fair Employment Commission in Northern Ireland. “Give My Head Peace” grew out of performances by the “Hole in the Wall Gang”, which included Marty Reid, Nuala McKeever and oscar nominee Damon Quinn.

“The Hole in the Wall Gang” came to greater public attention after appearances on BBC’s “Talkback” programme. BBC Radio Ulster gave them their own “Perforated Ulster” series which included a sketch called ‘Too Late to Talk to Billy and Paddy about love across the barricades and the terror triangle’ which eventually morphed into Give My Head Peace.

The series ran for 10 years and was consistently popular with the public with its irreverent take on the Troubles and local politicians.

Tim has also presented and written a large number of shows on TV, radio and on stage. These have included regularly hosting the BBC panel show “The Blame Game”, performing “Tim McGarry’s Irish History Lesson” on stage and presenting the documentary “Tim McGarry’s Ulster Scots Journey”.

He is a board member of the Grand Opera House in Belfast.