Leading commentators and artists provide context to the arts during the Troubles

A Fusillade of Question-Marks

Ciaran Carson

Contemporary Composers

David Byers

Film, Television and The Troubles

Martin McLoone

Impact of the Conflict on Public Space and Architecture

Ciaran Mackel

Institutional Responses

John Gray

Not Another Troubles Play

Imelda Foley

Performance Art and the Conflict in Northern Ireland

Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes and Karine Talec

Popular Music

Stuart Bailie

Prison Art

Mike Moloney

Prose Literature of the Troubles

Patricia Craig

The Art of War

Mairtin O Muilleoir

The Oul’ Orange and Green - Songs from Loyalist and Republican Traditions in Ireland

Bobbie Hanvey

The View from the Outside

Fergal Keane

Transcendental Art

Billy Hutchinson

Troubled Voices

Martin Dowling

Ulster Poetry and The Troubles

Frank Ormsby

Visual Art

Declan Long