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Other organisations that have resources related to the Troubles in Northern Ireland

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CAIN (Conflict Archive on the INternet) – University of Ulster

The CAIN (Conflict Archive on the INternet) Web site contains information and source material on ‘the Troubles’ and politics in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present. There is also some material on society in the region. CAIN is located in the University of Ulster and is part of INCORE (International Conflict Research Institute) and ARK (Access Research Knowledge Northern Ireland).

University of Ulster
Magee Campus
Aberfoyle House
Northland Road


Linenhall Library

The Linen Hall Library is a truly unique institution. Founded in 1788, it is the oldest library in Belfast and the last subscribing library in Ireland.
It has a radical and ‘enlightenment’ foundation, and ever since has prized its independence and has maintained the principle that its resources are owned by the community for the community.
It is renowned for its unparalleled Irish and Local Studies Collection, ranging from comprehensive holdings of Early Belfast and Ulster printed books to the 250,000 items in the Northern Ireland Political Collection.
The Library also boasts the Northern Ireland Theatre and Performing Arts Archive, a unique collection reflecting our rich cultural heritage. The Linen Hall has an illustrious profile as a centre of cultural and creative life and offers a varied programme of events ranging from monthly exhibitions to readings and lectures.

Linenhall Library
17 Donegall Square North


Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) is the official archive for Northern Ireland. It was founded in 1923 (shortly after the partition of Ireland).

PRONI identifies and preserves records of historical significance and makes records easily available to the public for their information, education and enjoyment. It encourages wider use of archives amongst all sectors of the community.

PRONI holds millions of documents that relate chiefly, but not exclusively, to Northern Ireland. They date largely from c.1600 to the present day.

A selection of digital versions of records held by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) have been made available on the CAIN (Conflict Archive on the INternet) website. The records selected relate to the conflict and politics in the region and mainly cover the period 1968-1982.

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
2 Titanic Boulevard
Titanic Quarter


Ulster Museum

The Ulster Museum holds a significant collection relating to the period in Northern Ireland’s history known as ‘the Troubles’. It consists primarily of political posters and ephemera, many of which date from the early to mid-1970s, but also includes objects made by Loyalist and Republican prisoners. The collection is further enriched by iconic artefacts such as the Nobel Peace Prize medal won by Mairead Corrigan in 1977. Collecting social, cultural and political material from the period of the Troubles is an important priority for National Museums Northern Ireland. We would be keen to hear from anyone who would like to contribute to this collection.

Ulster Museum
Botanic Gardens