© By Tess Hurson

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All summer housewives enlist aid
From listeners, suspecting they are not,
To fight the plague of spiders, flies and gnats.
As Atumn ripens like an English poems
Armies of wasps invade
Even the nice restaurants.
Circling like choppers round children’s ears
Freckled forearms sweep them off
But back they come, brazen with promise.

Women who took the boat in the last war
Sharp trained to treat casualties
Plan new bathrooms, overseas trips
Amidst the endless news of ceasefire
Their day near gone.
Their daughters near gone
From hearing the fall of their quick step
Across the sprank new kitchens
Well, welcome home.

Light explodes like a doodlebug
Above the shivering waves,
There is still an irish Sea
Between your plague and me
Between my love and me.

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