Une Nature Morte à la Mode Irlandaise 1975

© By Michael Farrell

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In 1969 Farrell had begun working on the Pressé Politique Series. The title derived from the French drink citron pressé. His initial response was to adapt the Pressé series, changing the colour so that the juice which flowed out from the two pestles represented blood.

The Dublin and Monaghan bombings by the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) on 17th May 1974 resulted in the death of twenty-six people. Many more were severely injured. Farrell traveled to Dublin and bought the three national daily newspapers which carried reports of the bombings. He had these photographed, made onto silkscreen and brought them back to Paris where he used them as a collage in his new Pressé Politique works.

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Collage on wood


100 x 100cm




Private Collection