Bernard MacLaverty


Bernard MacLaverty was born in Belfast and lived there until 1975 when he moved to Scotland. He has been a Medical Laboratory Technician, a mature student, a teacher of English and, for 2 years in the mid eighties, Writer-in-residence at the University of Aberdeen. After living for a time in Edinburgh and the Isle of Islay, he now lives in Glasgow. He is a member of Aosdana in Ireland and has been a Visiting Writer/Professor at the University of Strathclyde (2004-07) and John Moore’s University in Liverpool and the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies at the University of Aberdeen. In October 2007 he was Writer-in-Residence to the Celtic Studies Programme at St Michaels College in the University of Toronto.

He has published 5 collections of short stories and 4 novels. He has written versions of his fiction for other media - radio plays, television plays, screenplays. In 2003 he wrote and directed a short film “Bye-Child”. He has written a libretto. “The Kings Conjecture”, with composer Gareth Williams for a 15 minute opera for Scottish Opera as part of their production “Five:15”.

“I was brought up in Belfast and became interested in writing after leaving school (1959). My first short stories were published in university and local magazines. Because of the Troubles in 1975 I moved to Scotland. My first book “Secrets and Other Stories” was published by Blackstaff Press in 1977. My first novel “Lamb” was published jointly by Jonathan Cape and Blackstaff Press. This joint publication continued until 2001. My first radio play was in 1980, as was my first TV play.”
Bernard MacLaverty

Secrets & Other Stories, Blackstaff Press (1977)
Lamb [a novel], Cape /Blackstaff Press (1980)
A Time to Dance & Other Stories, Cape /Blackstaff Press (1982)
Cal [a novel], Cape /Blackstaff Press (1983)
The Great Profundo & Other Stories, Cape /Blackstaff Press (1987)
Walking the Dog & Other Stories, Cape /Blackstaff Press (1994)
Grace Notes [a novel], Cape /Blackstaff Press (1997)
The Anatomy School [a novel], Cape/Blackstaff Press (2001)
Matters of Life & Death & Other Stories, Cape (2006)
The Woman from the North [a play] (2010)
Collected Stories, Cape (2013)

Cal, Enigma (1984)
Lamb, Flickers (1985)
Bye-Child, Poetry in Motion (short film 2003)

Drama Documentary
Hostages, Granada (1992),HBO.USA (1993)

Adaptation for Television
The Real Charlotte, Granada/ Gandon (1989)
by Somerville & Ross
in 4 one hour parts

Television Plays
My Dear Palestrina, BBC (1980)
Phonefun Limited, BBC (1982)
The Daily Woman, BBC (1986)
Sometime in August, BBC (1989)

Radio Plays
My Dear Palestrina, BBC (1980)
Secrets, BBC (1981)
No Joke, BBC (1983)
The Break, BBC (1988)
Some Surrender, BBC (1988)
Lamb, BBC (1992)
Grace Notes, BBC Radio 3 (2003)

For Young Children
A Man in Search of a Pet, Blackstaff Press (1978)
Andrew McAndrew, Walker Books (1988), Candlewick Press(USA) 1993